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The Chicago Researchers & Investigators of the Paranormal Theory

The Team

     Back in 2005, we were invited by our cousins Dan and Jan G. to take a visit to the famous Hannah Mansion located in Indianapolis, Indiana and to conduct a paranormal investigation. From that day on, we were intrigued in everything paranormal. Over the years, we decided to put together a group that would go out and explore the “haunted” locations of the Midwest and document our findings. At that point, we had a small group but no name and no “big” location to make it all worth it… until October of 2008.

     We were looking into areas to investigate when we came across a place in Bartonville, IL known as “The Bartonville Insane Asylum”. So, Sergio made a few phone calls and even had a teacher from College of Du Page back them up on their investigation. We were now set with a location that would definitely get them on the right track but no name. With days of thought, we came up with the Du Page Researchers and Investigators of the Paranormal (D.R.I.P.). Over the years our group had evolved due to the exit of certain members and the addition of new ones. We have recently (as of 12/4/11) changed our name to the Chicago Researchers and Investigators of the Paranormal Theory (C.R.I.P.T).

     Our main purpose is to analyze and interpret our photos, audio, and video of their investigations in hopes to provide people with answers to many questions relating to the eerie, the strange, and the paranormal. Our team will take on any challenge that comes our way and, using our equipment, hopefully provide evidence that will help us determine whether or not a location could contain signs of paranormal activity. We will then document our endeavors and provide you, the audience, with our webisodes and video updates.  

Bio Videos: